Logistics Main

Why Hyundai Gloville?

Based on our various and professional transportation experience,
we provide the best solutions and services to our customers with respect to the business model

  • Cold Chain

• E-commerce
• B2B transport

Support the customers business by providing the optimal process with respect to their needs and characteristics

  • Heavyweight transport

• Coil transport
• Construction material transport

Properly delivering and installing customers equipment with the past know-hows and experience

  • General transport

• Mainline transport
• General logistics transport

TMS systems utilized to transport general goods from center to center or provide typical service

  • Special cargo/transport

• Military logistics transport
• Installation / transport

Defense logistics transport
Windpower/Nuclear transport or installation

  • Smart company/Logistics moving transport

• Business Relocation
• Warehouse Relocation

Safe and quick relocation services provided accounting the optimal layout design