3PL Logistics

Logistics Main

Why Hyundai Gloville?

Custom services per customer needs are properly provided by managing self operated
or entrusted warehouse B2B and B2C systems professionally

  • Logistics consulting

Examine and improve logistics, design the ideal process from the moment of constructing the warehouse with customers needs to the final destination of delivery.

  • Logistics outsourcing

• Logistics subcontract
• Outsourcing

Properly manage as an logistics agent by having professional workers

  • 3PL Distribution agency

• Fulfillment
• Store/ Delivery

Provide expert logistics services such as cosign managed centers, delivery, distribution, fabrication, etc.

1. In stock

• Examination (Random or entire)
• Product review (Random or entire)

2. Store

• Assign warehouse
• Assign location and rack #
• Check the live inventory
• 24hr security guard

3. Manage Orders

• Customers PO
• Issue invoice
• Print peaking list
• Certificate receipt

4. Peaking

• Sorting per transportation
• Computing input
• Wrong-Peaking ZERO system

5. Wrapping / Packing

Examine items
Automatic wrapping system
Wrapping for item protection
Record the wrapping work via CCTV

6. Release

• Attach invoice
• Loading package to cargos/trucks

7. Transport

Package delivery
(Lotte/CJ logistics corp. /Hanjin)

8. Returns / Inventory

• Live inventory management
• Quality Management
• Sorting / Managing returns
• WMS computing