Business Introduction

Hyundai Gloville specializes in import and export freight, as well as inland transportation service. In addition to these services, we also provide logistics-related services such as freight storage, export packing, airport duties, special cargo, and more.
Import and Export Freight and Inland Transportation Service

AIR, OCEAN import and export LCL / FCL freight transportation

Domestic freight transportation (enterprise logistics)

Special cargo transportation: Big manufacturing plants, cold storage, articles of exhibition

Project cargo

3PL/Warehouse Storage

Inventory management, storage management, transportation, inspection, packaging, etc

Warehouse storage services for nationwide main distribution centers

Airport/port Industry

Airport shuttle transportation/ULD transportation

Warehouse storage, receiving and forwarding management

Export Freight Packaging

Up-to-date packaging equipment and work environment (Airtight packaging, SKID, vacuum packaging, etc)

Reducing customers' logistics costs with system integration packing to transportation