Company Introduction

Welcome to Hyundai Superteck.

Since its establishment in 2015, Hyundai Superteck has been researching and developing special welding materials. Hyundai Superteck endeavors to meet the high demands of customers, environmental duties, and the advancement in technology.

Hyundai Superteck specializes in special alloy steel materials and special welding materials such as heat-resistant steel, high-strength steel, abrasion-resistant steel, special STS, Ni/Cu alloy steel, Duplex, Inconel and so on. As a new business, we have also developed high-level production technology products such as aluminium, copper, and titanium alloy welding rods, which are considered to be special materials for the future. We also supply subsidiary materials such as gouging rods, tungsten rods, Zinc wires, and other various welding related materials. We currently supply our products to over 40 countries.

We continue to cultivate talent through constant challenge and innovation. We will take the lead in providing a "Total Special Welding Solution Service" to our customers across various industries such as steel pipes, eco-friendly energy, shipbuilding, offshore, construction, heavy industries, plants, and automobile through endless R&D, quality renovation, and aggressive market development.

Hyundai Superteck will always do our best to make our dream come overwhelming true with our valued customers.

Hyundai Superteck sincerely thanks our customers for continued interest and support.

CEO Kil Keun OH